About Theo Ministries


In 1985 after the result of severe changes in my personal life, I came to the personal conclusion that my 'Faith and Belief in Christ Jesus' was far more important to me than I had first realised and as a result I made a deliberate decision to begin to develop a specific form of Christian Ministry which would eventually provide training and Spiritual help...

From the very start of my Christian Walk, which began in 1967, as I began to grow in my Christian Faith, I met so many individuals within the body of Christ, who were experiencing difficulties from so many different forms of spiritual abuse, either through ignorance or incorrect spiritual teaching.

It was this realisation and the desire to help which resulted in the formation of a ministry called 'Computers For Jesus' and which has since 1994 gradually evolved into what is now known as 'Theo Ministries', a direct result of Academic Study at the Univeristy of Birmingham, England (2000-2007) B.A.(Hons) M.A.,.

The name 'Theo Ministries' is directly derived from the Greek 'Theo' simply meaning 'God' and the use of the English term 'Ministries' in the plural rather than the singular. This is because of the breadth of activities which take place within the Ministry itself... It is a indeed a ministry which is reaching into so many parts of the earth and to so many individuals! Thank you Jesus.


Short Study Pages

New Walk

New Life in Christ Jesus

A Short study relating to a New Walk in Christ Jesus.

To the Cross

The Journey to the Cross

A short historical journey through the Old Testament.

After the Cross

The Journey from the Cross

90 Christian biblical scriptures for living after the Cross.

The Names

Some of the Name's of God

A short preview of some of the Names of God which are included within the Christian Biblical text.

Three Statements of Faith


Lee Strobel explains that 'Zechariah 2:10-13 predicts a time when "many nations will be joined with the Lord" and become his people. The New Testament authors certainly believed that Jesus fulfilled this prophecy... ...The inclusiveness of Jesus' ministry, his teachings and the outreach of his church are evidence that salvation comes through faith, not cultural pedigree. Although this concept may have shocked many who adhered to Jewish tradition, it gave hope to people who had never experienced hope.' - Strobel, L., (1984), The Case for Christ Study Bible: Investigating the Evidence for Belief, Zondervan, Grand Rapids, USA., page 1290


Billy Bray, a famous Cornish Evangelist speaking of his conversion tells us that he "... shouted for Joy. I Praised God with my whole heart for what he had done for a poor sinner like me; for I could say, The Lord hath pardoned all my sins. I think this was in November, 1823, but what day I do not know. I remember this that everything looked new to me, the people, the fields, the cattle, the trees. I was like a man in a new world... ... they said I was a mad man but they meant I was a glad man, and glory be to God! I have been glad ever since." - Bray, B., (1962), Billy Bray The Kings Son, The Epworth Press, City Road London E.C.1, Pages 19-20


Lee Strobel tells us that "...This central message of the bible portrays Jesus and our redemption through his blood. Finally once and for all, he dealt with the issues of our guilt, our loneliness and ore alienation from God. Through his atoning death and ressurection, he opened up heaven for everyone who follows him.' - Strobel, L., (1984), The Case for Christ Study Bible: Investigating the Evidence for Belief, Zondervan, Grand Rapids, USA., page 1464