Lancashires Lighthouse Radio

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LLRV01 Broadcast January 2020 LLRV01
LLRV02 Broadcast February 2020 LLRV02
LLRV03 Broadcast March 2020 LLRV03
LLRV04 To be Broadcsst April 2020 LLRV04
LLRV05 To be Broadcast May 2020 LLRV05
LLRV06 To be Broadcast June 2020 LLRV06
LLRV07 To be Broadcast July 2020 LLRV07
LLRV08 To be Broadcast August 2020 LLRV08
LLRV09 To be Broadcast September 2020. LLRV09
LLRV10 To be Broadcast October 2020. LLRV10
LLRV11 To be Broadcast November 2020. LLRV11
LLRV12 To be Broadcast December 2020 LLRV12

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Click the Icon to the left of this text to go live stream on Lancashires Lighthouse Radio - This radio Internet Radio Station (broadcasting to the nations) is promoted and maintained by a great friend "Peter Cunningham" from the top of a local church spire in Blackpool, England.

The Broadcast

Peter and his team of dedicated invividuals give their time and other endeavors to maintain a constant broadcasting stream to the nations.... I first met Peter around 2016 and quickly found a dedicated and family oriented individual with a desire to be openly direct about the Gospel message and even at times a little controversial, always sparking the need for the listener to think carefully about the message of the Gospel.

Over time the Radio Station has hosted many ministers and messengers of the Gospel who have visited me and these shores for the purpose of ministry and in 2019, Peter contacted me and simply asked "Why don't you make me a series of messages to be broadcast on the Radio?" well after some discussion these are the mini programs that were and are being produced. I pray they Bless you and inspire you. but most of all lead you closer to a relationship with Jesus.